Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Typhoon Ketsana to make landfall HERE in 3 hours

As tiles noisily blow off the roof, holes open and water enters the hotel everywhere

HUGE Ketsana will cover the nation of Vietnam.

Typhoon Ketsana heading right for us - due for landfall around 4pm local time. Let us pray for those living in shacks that will surely lose their homes; some will lose all.

[read more at http://news.brisbanetimes.com.au/breaking-news-world/vietnamese-flee-typhoon-ketsana-20090929-galt.html ]


  1. I just talked to Michael Overcash and the team made it through the storm safely. They are in Da Nang at a hotel that is being powered by a generator. They will probably setup a clinic or join a clinic in town to care for victims of the storm. They are in the town where they will be flying out of. So, they should not have any issues leaving the country on time. Pleae keep the victims of this storm in your thoughts.

  2. PRAYING for yall!! I got huge tears in my eyes reading what yall are doing. HIS HAND IS ON YOUR TEAM BIG TIME! Continue to be HIS hands and feet to every person you touch.

  3. Thank you Amanda and Jason - we are now making plans to use the $3,000+ USD left over from missing a day of clinic, to build new roofs for homes of those in this area that are now ruined. Some of the hotel staff even have no place to stay.