Sunday, September 27, 2009

From Lizards to Leeches

Today our team had church, and heard the powerful testimony of Hien, who was imprisoned and in a refugee camp for years. I can't say why or Who saved him from despair but you know...

For Sunday R&R we rented motorbikes and rode north then onto a dirt road, then We scrambled down cliffs, swam and slid thru rivers, then hiked to a sweet waterfall:

The downside to the waterfall is the realization that Ow! hey what are all those little brown things on my-- AACK! LEECHES! under my watch, in my shoes, holy cow is that a snake on my calf? We took turns doing the leech removal dance today

needless to say there was no skinny dipping at the waterfall...

What tastes like chicken but 1000 times chewier? LIZARD meat! It's the Vietnamese version of Extra gum - seriously 20 minutes later I still had a piece of ??? in my teeth. For bonus points, click on the photo and see if you can find: a)lizard teeth b)lizard tongue c)your appetite after staring at a cooked lizard...

30km south of A Luoi, and for about 50 cents, you can seep in sulfurous scorching springs as long as you can stand - we did:

The best thing about the hot springs was riding past miles of rice paddies and villages on the motorbike


  1. Wow, leeches! I find it ironic that Bailey mentioned leeches earlier on her blog as a metaphor for the people in the market. Was that prophesy?:)

  2. Wow! All of this is so amazing! That sweet little baby, what was wrong with him? I'll come along as a wet nurse, just want to nurse them all and bring them home! Just precious!

  3. Amazing! Especially children! They are so precious!