Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Hue Cool" (way cool)

This morning brought monsoon rains and a bittersweet final clinic day in Hong Ha - we again saw over 200 patients.

Steve started us with the daily briefing, military style.

dozens of people received the gift of sight today thanks to the "J" Crew: "Dr. Jack Jeffords", Jordon, and Joyce Mayfield...

This boy at age 10 weighed only 44 pounds, due to malnutrition.
We treated him for intestinal parasites, gave him an ample supply of vitamins, and dietary counseling especially concerning protein the boy wasn't receiving.

This is a Betel nut, which the eldely chew partly as a status symbol and mostly due to its highly addictive properties.

as you see on this grill the betel nut turns the teeth black over time.

We saw countless children today with fungal skin infections, often with severe scalp disease such as this boy.

Tomorrow we will make the westward trek over the mountains to A Luoi, the poorest area in which we will work all week. Please pray for safety and good team spirits as our accomodations will be reportedly bleak those days.


  1. You guys rock, we're so proud of you.
    Michael, Seven is doing better, not quite as teary when we talk about you, but she still prefers to believe that you are at work and coming home "tonight." Love you.

  2. You all are amazing! Thank you for your awesome work. We are thinking of you all and can't wait to hear all of the awesomeness that you have gotten to take part of on your trip! Best wishes!!! ;) Heather and family!

  3. Awesome work!! Amazing pics!! Praying for you all!