Friday, September 18, 2009

Honey, I shrunk the team

and then there were five...
2 more casualties have occurred - In San Fran we raced off the plane ahead of everyone (thank you Delta and China Airlines) and were escorted thru security to a gracious late arrival at our gate (thanks Chuck) only to find Kim had brought an expired passport. Cynthia is staying back with her.
We just arrived in Taipei now, called Cynthia - Kim's passport is on the way! They are confirmed to fly China Airlines @ 1:30am and rejoin the team tomorrow. Here we are getting Wi-Fi in Taipei:
The other 5 of us are now joined with others to make a team of around 29. In a few moments we will board yet another flight, this one to Saigon. We haven't heard from Karlayne but I am still hopeful she'll make it - it's a long mission so a few days late is still worth it...
We are all in good spirits here, excited about what He will accomplish this month in Vietnam!

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