Wednesday, September 30, 2009

t-shirt: "I went to Vietnam and all I got was this Typhoon"

Hooray! Typhoon Ketsana is passing, and we survived! Thanks everyone for all your prayers - it was sketchy for a while, with flying tiles and trees, but we're back on track now. I "iReported" videos to CNN so you may have already seen the videos from here.
So, now what? We have finished all the clinics the government permitted us to do, but maybe they'll let us do some Typhoon relief work tomorrow? We'll let you know. Here's the current view from my hallway:

enjoy these photos taken a few hours ago:


  1. Glad that you all are ok. I have been twittering your situation as I get updates. People all over the country have been "thinking" about you all. Michael, it was great talking to you yesterday.

  2. By the way, your videos are hitting CNN's i report. Love seeing the updates on

  3. Can't stop thinking about eveyone, been praying for your safety. The pictures say it all. Best to you.

  4. Thank you Jason and everyone who is thinking about us and praying for our team - we have been mightily blessed. Here is a link to the video on CNN iReport:

  5. Been praying for you all and am so glad to see that everyone is safe and well! Praise God!

    Awesome pictures and tribute to the Vets. What a great trip to be a part of!