Monday, September 21, 2009

Today we flew Vietnam Air to Hue, where we'll be holding clinic the next 3 days.

We checked all our medication as luggage, and thank the Mighty One everything came through fine.

The hotel here is beautiful, the staff wonderfully friendly and helpful.

We were met with watermelontinis, free internet, and chairs in which to lounge our sweaty bodies. It is HOT in Hue so far!

The cusine here is fabulous - I am amazed at all the wonders Vietnam has already shared with us. Now it's time to return the favor :)


  1. It has been great to hear about all of your adventures so far! Did Cynthia and Kim rejoin the team yet? I am looking forward to hearing how your first clinic goes today. I know wonderful things will happen through your team. We love the pictures, so please keep them coming! You are all in our prayers!

  2. Hi Gabby, Cynthia and Kim "Baba" Woolard (not Kim Jeffords) have rejoined the group. We are complete except for both our NPs are not coming and my luggage is still, well, somewhere...
    thanks for the prayers!