Thursday, September 17, 2009

Already we are in need of your prayers:
- Karlayne is having some heart symptoms and did not make the flight today - she has a diagnostic study Friday and then *hopefully* will get on a plane that day to come join us.
- Jordan is sick (see photo) and we are praying we can get enough cough suppressant in him to keep him from being quarantined in Vietnam for H1N1 suspicion...
We are in Atlanta now waiting for Delta 1079, delayed but hopefully not too far - we have an hour in SFO to get our luggage and catch the next flight... Overall we are in good spirits, excited about what is to come! I probably won't have time in San Fran to blog so hang on 'til Vietnam!


  1. Hey guys,
    We are thinking about you and hope that all goes well, in spite of the health issues early on. We know that there are big things in store for you all.

  2. God must have big plans that Satan is aware of. Press on He is stronger. Look forward to hearing more:) We love you all.

  3. Praying for you all, especially Karlayne and Jordan, and for continued safe travels! Go do great things! PS...Please bear hug Bailey for me!
    Blessings, Brittany M

  4. Hey Jim and Susan,

    Good work out there you guys!! I hope you are helping lots of families and truly enjoying your experience. Enjoy! Time flies.

    Michelle Salazar