Friday, September 25, 2009

first clinic in A Luoi

So, maybe the hotel isn't quite as nice, maybe there is no A/C, the TP is microsized, the shower sprays directly onto the toilet and the bath towels are the size of American hand-towels, but I tell you the team worked long and hard today with a fantastic attitude!

here is our delightful pharmacy crew for example

We saw many more elderly patients today, many in traditional dress

by lunchtime the clinic was so popular we had to part the "seas" to get back in!

This 49-year-old lady is nearly blinded by cataracts, but thanks to VWAM and you our sponsors, her surgery is covered, and she should have her vision restored this week!

Here is a poor little baby covered in scabies



this was our traditional breakfast this a.m.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings - stay tuned!
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  2. Looks like many great things are happening! I'm sure your patients are very grateful for your time, knowledge,and efforts. Keep strong, as I know your days are long and hard! I am enjoying reading about your endeavors! Thanks for sharing the good news!