Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet and Feet

What a diverse array of life stories are on this team! We are realizing our team members are Veterans, spouses, nurses, doctors, repeat missionaries, ministers, students, and more.
Free time today brought us city strolls, amazing Vietnamese food, and for some, foot massages!
Tomorrow Jack and Chuck and I will run to the airport to pick up Kim, Cynthia, and hopefully all the luggage. Then we will have a pill-prepping party to prepare for clinic in Hue!

ahh... foot massage Vietnam style! Jordan claims he was "violated" but the best was watching Jack get "man-ssaged!"


  1. Hello
    I random came by this searching for medical missions in Vietnam.
    Could you tell me where in Hue you guys will be working and what kinds of services you will be provided for the people there?
    Also, I think it's great what you guys are doing there!

  2. We'll be working in Hong Ha, A luoi, and Da Nang. Check out for details on our group. We'll provide (all freeof charge) medical consults, medical supplies, glasses, dentistry, and a variety of surgeries. Follow our blog and you'll see what we end up doing, as it happens. Thanks!