Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roofs and Tubes

So, now that we have $3000+ left over from the mission fund (even after paying for so many surgeries - they are cheap here) - we are finding people whose homes were destroyed by Typhoon Ketsana and we're buying them new roofs. One whole roof costs only $200 installed, so we should be able to cover 15 peoples' homes! Here is a cleanup crew:

In the mean time Jordon and I are enjoying by far the best surf yet - we awoke at 6am to glassy perfection - long, hollow, overhead lines slowly rolling beachward. I am so sore but so happy. I wish I had a video of it but who's going to stand on the beach and do it?

We went out again after breakfast, then again after we biked Monkey Mountain we caught an evening session - it was small and onshore but fun with friends: Jordon ripped, Jack surfed, and Debbie totally got up on a few Vietnamese waves:

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